softly, the land & sea.

Following the developments around me, filtered through the distractions in my mind, flattened into words by my fingers.
From the colors of fall to the fragrance of spring..
Who imagined the sun & gives source to its light?

Phillip Agnew: “This is my tome to 2013; my poem to the year of my dreams”


by Phillip Agnew


Phillip Agnew, Executive Director of the Dream Defenders, on bus bound for 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. – Photo by Trymaine Lee/MSNBC

For 364 days, at least, I found myself in a constant state of conflict.
Almost daily my alarm clock awoke me at the corner of a crossroad: asking that I decide
… And every day I oscillated away.
I was readiness & unsteadiness, joy & sadness,
deletion & depletion, Completion;
I was cool confidence in a cracked case.
I was the reluctant leader, the forlorn follower.
I was a horrible mentor, a deplorable mentee.
Always kept it together, rarely kept in touch.
I was here, there, everywhere and no where.
I longed for home and grew restless for the road.
I moved too fast and proceeded with much caution.
I served and rarely felt deserving.
I was selfishly selfless.
I spread love and squandered it.
I sailed in the sure serenity of certainty & in the swaying seas of insecurity.

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Contact your senators. Let them know: #LEEDworks!

Contact your senators. Let them know: #LEEDworks!

Cleaning-out-fridge recipe ONE: Nectarines + Apples + Spinach + Rhubarb

2 over-ripe nectarines, cut into strips
1 medium-sized over-ripe apple, cut into strips
1 lb of spinach
2 thin stalks of rhubarb, sliced diagonally
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp olive oil

Following chef Google, I boiled the rhubarb with sugar and water to cover until sugar dissolved in a skillet, put the rhubarb slices on bowl of spinach, added balsamic vinegar (was supposed to be red wine vinegar) to the rhubarb-sugar-water, boiled on medium for 10 minutes, mixed in olive oil after removing from heat, poured hot dressing on top of spinach, and then added fruits!